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Guideline for TapOne – Registered Delivery Partners

The following are the “TapOne” Community Guidelines, the standards below apply to “ TapOne” riders.

Guideline for TapOne Riders

Drivers and riders should comply with applicable laws within the country of Canada.

Follow all laws

Everyone is responsible for knowing and obeying all applicable laws, and the rules of the road—including speed and traffic laws, at all times when using the TapOne app.

To maintain uninterrupted access to the TapOne apps, all relevant licensing and permitting requirements for drivers and delivery partners must be kept up to date. For example, all drivers and delivery partners using a vehicle are required by law to maintain a valid driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration.

Change Of Rider

For rides Change this also includes meeting the applicable regulatory requirements for ride share or for-hire drivers in short Term. New Driver shall be registered at TapOne before it take new order. Handing over the device to new rider who is unregistered person is completely prohibited.

Local rules about parking may limit where you can park your vehicle when picking up orders, making deliveries, or waiting for riders to arrive. For example, stopping in by lane or blocking accessibility ramps may violate the law.
When riding a bike , be mindful of local municipal councils parking regulations and rules when riding and parking; you must adhere to the local government’s applicable laws.

Property damage and Road accident.

Damaging any property or and other vehicle due to any accident while transportation requested through the TapOne Apps; breaking or vandalizing a phone or tablet; intentionally spilling food or drink; smoking while riding or vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption or otherwise. If you damage property, you’re responsible for the cost of cleaning and repair fees.

Drugs and alcohol

Drug use and open containers of alcohol are never allowed while using the TapOne Apps.

If you’re a driver or delivery partner, by law, you cannot drive or bike while intoxicated. The law prohibits driving or biking while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impairs your ability to safely operate a vehicle. If you encounter a rider who is too drunk upon receive such a complain your service will be terminated with immediate effect.

Street hails and other unacceptable activities

To enhance the safety of each experience, off-app pickups are prohibited. The law prohibits street hails while using the TapOne Apps, so never solicit payment of fares outside the TapOne system. Riders and customers should not pay for trips or deliveries in cash, and riders should not request trips from customers outside of the Meal First system.

Never harm the business or brand by doing things like using TapOne‘s trademark or intellectual property without permission. Drivers should only use TapOne trade dress that is distributed by TapOne. The use of unauthorized or third-party items—such as lights, placards, signs or similar items bearing TapOne’s name or trademark—may confuse riders who are trying to find their ride.